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AAMS provide tailored training programmes which are perfect for those individuals and companies interested in Aerial Survey and Geo-Spatial industry either to learn new skills or enhance their knowledge about specific segment i.e. LiDAR & Aerial Imagery acquisition and processing. AAMS can also arrange and assist in acquiring used aerial survey equipment with complete consulting services to new start-ups, existing aerial survey companies who are willing to expand and invest in technology. AAMS have assisted several clients which include companies and individuals to arrange Pre-Owned aerial survey equipment, survey aircraft, Photogrammetry software, professional crew rental for short- and long-term projects. Moreover, company can also arrange FBO services in different parts of worlds, such as arranging permissions, permits, aircraft handling, Parking, Fuel etc. AAMS have vast experience in dealing with projects in Africa, Saudi Arabia, Middle East and Europe.

  • Detailed overview of market leading platforms
  • Fundamentals of Photogrammetry
  • Manned aircraft, Drone and sensor selection based on project requirement as well as Airspace restrictions
  • Pre-mission planning, flight control software, quality control aspects
  • Ground Survey techniques and field-based data collection
  • Computer hardware and software selection
  • Processing of aerial data to generate accurate 3D and 2D outputs
  • QA and verification techniques to ensure quality and accuracy
  • Manual editing and feature extraction
  • Data delivery and cloud-based hosting
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