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Oblique Imagery

Oblique multi-camera systems and technology itself is expeditiously maturing and expanding the market for airborne technology and services. Oblique imagery is an aerial photography that is captured at approximately 45-degree angle with the ground. The angle which is inherent to oblique imagery allows viewers and end user to see and measure not only the top of the objects but the sides as well. An oblique view gives end user or viewer a natural, on-the-ground perspective.

Some very important characteristics of oblique imagery, which cannot be achieved by vertical aerial images and orthophotos are easier and faster feature recognition and highly accurate measurements. The perspective view of the real world is easier and friendlier. This characteristic of oblique images makes them an integral part of every topographical, urban planning and architectural survey, from the documentation to the urban planning and decision making. Moreover, it saves processing time and reduces significantly the need for field inspections.

Some Applications of Oblique Aerial Imagery Include:

  • Urban Mapping, Management Planning and Operations
  • Earthquake Damage Assessment
  • 3D City Modelling
  • Valuable Resource for Municipalities/Councils, Developers and Asset
  • Management Agencies
  • Users Can View the Facades of The Buildings
  • Urban and Community Planning
  • Utilities Mapping.
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