Ground Survey

Advanced Aerial Mapping Services Ltd. offers full range of ground surveying services by using a combination of well-established practices and modern techniques, AAMS provides its clients with a superior range of surveying solutions, some of the services offered include.

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Provision of coordinates and locations, accurate and rapid data collection and setting out through the use of GPS/GNSS technology.


Beach Landings Surveys are conducted at landing sites with the purpose of collecting sample data on total catch and species composition, associated effort, and other secondary data.


Surveying of stockpiles, dams, pits, quarries, etc. to determine volume of material contained, required or removed.


Survey works performed in preparation of, during and after construction or engineering works. Including feasibility surveys, construction setting out, verticality checks, settlement checks, as-built surveys, calculations on pipe alignment, bore placement, angle calculations and plan production.


AAMS utilizes various methods of field collection and equipment types, including Conventional and Total Stations, GPS equipment capable of performing static, rapid static and RTK GPS surveys, data collectors and digital differential levels. AAMS office is equipped with the latest generation of computer hardware and software, and utilizes current versions of AutoCAD, Esri’s ArcGIS platform, and Microstation programs to support field data collection, processing and development.

No matter what your needs are for a professional survey to be conducted, we have you covered with our premier and efficient surveying services at Advanced Aerial Mapping Services Ltd. We are surveying and Geospatial company that have built our business on delivering an exceptional service to large- and small-scale projects and minor works across the UK and Middle East.

Applications for Ground surveys include:

  • Digital elevation model capture
  • Contour mapping
  • Topographic feature mapping
  • Inspection Services
  • Delivery of final GIS-ready data files
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