Drone Survey Services in London & Saudi Arabia | Aerial Imagery

Drone Survey Services

Detailed measurements of a property, road system, quarries, and more.

By deploying a drone over a specific site we are able to survey various subjects. We can provide detailed measurements of a property, road system, quarries, and more. Utilizing the drone we drastically reduce the time of data collection to produce accurate surveys of a site. Our equipment uses geo-referenced aerial images of the site allowing us to compile a detailed image based map.

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Drone 2D/3D Mapping and Modeling Services

Once the images and geo-reference data are collected by drone, our software allows us to build topographic maps from the data. We can compile this data into a Digital Terrain Model which allows for accurate work planning. After the maps are compiled we can create break lines, reference points, digital elevation models, and contour lines. We can also calculate volumes of various stockpiles and objects on site.

Orthomosaic Mapping

We can also utilize drones to survey systems for road planing and paving. Images of existing road systems can be captured by drone and compiled into an orthomosaic. Once the orthomosaic is compiled we can utilize the geo-referenced data to build a image based survey of the site. This can aid in determining what areas need to be paved and determine which areas of the road may need leveling.

Drone Inventory, Stockpile, Volumetric Measurements and Tracking

Traditionally it is difficult to keep track of stockpiles in various locations. Utilizing a drone, camera, and software we are able to accurately and precisely determine the volume of a stockpile.
A drone is flown over and around the stockpile taking a series of images. The images are then taken back to the office and processed into a 3d point cloud of the stockpile. Utilizing software we are able to complete a volumetric analysis of the stockpile to determine the volume of the material that is on site.
The same method can be applied to inventory construction materials on a job site. Utilizing images captured by drone and software to compile the data from the images so it can be analyzed we are able to track the usage of many building materials on a job site. We then can provide a report of the usage of these materials at a defined time interval.

Applications for UAV aerial LiDAR surveys include:

  • 3D Modeling & Data Analysis
  • Digital elevation model capture
  • Stereo edit of LIDAR DEM
  • Contour mapping
  • Topographic feature mapping
  • Orthophoto production
  • Inspection Services
  • Delivery of final GIS-ready data files
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