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Aircraft And Sensor Lease

AAMS, current fleet is available for hire on long or short-term lease. We provide the pilot and offer wet or dry rates. Having conducted surveys in several countries AAMS specialize in successfully providing aircraft, crew and moreover maintenance in several countries. We have aircraft currently based throughout Europe, Middle East, including Saudi Arabia.

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    Specialised Aerial Survey Aircraft
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    Airborne Large Format Digital Aerial Cameras
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    Airborne Medium Format Digital Aerial Cameras
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    Airborne Laser Scanners

Aircraft Lease

AAMS’s international fleet of survey aircraft includes:
Rockwell Commanders 690A
Cessna 208 Caravan
Partenavia P.68

AAMS’s Survey Equipment Includes:

  • UCXp digital camera, FMC, gyro-stabilized mount and GPS/IMU.
  • UltraCam Eagle digital camera, FMC, gyro-stabilized mount and GPS/IMU.
  • RIEGL VQ-1560i, an airborne LiDAR scanning system.
  • Leica RCD30 medium format RGBN airborne camera supporting your UAV and LiDAR surveying missions

Crew Are Available For Contracts Worldwide:

  • Pilots(s)
  • Navigators(s)
  • Sensor Operators(s)
  • Photogrammetrists
  • Maps and orthophotos can also be printed to a variety of media, Contact us for more information.
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