Digital Aerial Photography:

AAMS Ltd. currently operates three aircraft which are specialized in Aerial survey services, all of these aircraft have been modified and specially equipped for aerial survey operation. By having such fleet of aircraft which are versatile, dependable, safe and cost effective, makes it ideally suited for aerial survey work.

The speed, economy and technical advances of direct digital airborne image acquisition are available for spatial information projects with AAM operating Vexcel large format digital aerial cameras and Leica LiDAR sensors.
AAMS has the knowledge, technology and capacity to complete projects to specification, on time.

The company operates and have access to several state-of-the-art large format digital mapping cameras includes Vexcel digital camera systems.


Benefits of digital camera imagery include:

  • Quicker turn-around time
  • Improved detail in shadows
  • Enhanced interpret-ability
  • A wider range of usable light conditions
  • On-site verification that the imagery is of the highest standard

Benefits are achieved through:

  • Improved dynamic range
  • A solid-state recording medium
  • No potential problems with film
  • Processing or scanning
  • Duplication carries no cost or loss of quality
  • Less ground control due to GPS/IMU
  • A crisper image, in which edges are more clearly defined
  • Increased radiometric precision
  • Improved performance in automated image processing


Digital aerial photography permits the use of increased forward overlap at no extra cost, allowing improved success in automated procedures, superior automated DEM generation, a reduction in areas obscured by buildings and of apparent building lean in urban projects.

Some applications of aerial imagery include:

  • Governments use aerial imagery to help monitor and manage environmental change
  • Local governments   Municipalities use aerial imagery to improve town planning
  • Engineering & Urban Planning
  • Surveillance and Monitoring System
  • Environmental management

AMS’s international fleet of survey aircraft includes

AAMS’s survey equipment includes: