AAMS maintains a large inventory of resources from aircraft through to a dedicated staff of over forty. Operating a fleet of customized aircraft, AAMS is able to operate any of their camera and LiDAR sensors anywhere on the globe. Included in the fleet are three Turbine Commanders, specifically owned for their high altitude capture capability.

Aircraft include:

  • Rockwell Turbo Commander 690A
  • Piper PA-31T1 Cheyenne

Sensor Resources include:

  • Vexcel UltraCam Eagle large format digital camera systems with forward motion compensation (FMC) and high resolution lens to achieve superior image quality. Kinematic airborne Differential GPS (DGPS) to record accurate photo center coordinates and an IMU to record camera angles at the time of exposure.
  • Leica ALS80, LiDAR sensors offer high accuracy due to best-in-class performance in pulse and scan rate.

Leica ALS 80HP

Microsoft UltraCam Eagle

Microsoft Vexcel UcXp Digital Aerial Camera